Bartlett - Established 1884 in New York City

Rev. Renee's gift of healing psychically, mentally and spiritually began almost 30 years ago. She has helped many people with her natural talent for inner healing readings. She helps the client to know what is unbalanced in their mind or body. She has developed a divine partnership with her Holy Spirit and they together help to bring inner peace and healing to all.

Rev. Renee Karen, is a non-denominational minister. She is also known for her healing abilities with animals as well as humans, and is responsible for creating both The Pet Connection, which directs her focus to pets, pet owners, and People Connection, which provides consults for troubled couples, both married and single, healing grief counseling, as well bringing your years of expertise as a non-denominational minister to creating unique and joyous wedding ceremonies, healings, house blessings, baptisms, etc. . She is the author of Your Animals Are Talking to You! Are You Listening?

Rev. Renee was an early student of Michael Beckwith (of “The Secret” Dvd fame), and studied with him in Peru and later in Greece, before Beckwith became known thru vehicles such as Larry King and Oprah).

She has been invited to events at Lily Dale in Lily Dale, NY, and Rev. Renee has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, including the well known and extremely popular nationwide show, Coast to Coast with George Noory.

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