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Hello, my name is Reverend Renee Karen, and I want to personally welcome you to Joyous Celebrations Ministry where you will discover a brand new way of communicating with your pet or animal. At Joyous Celebrations Ministry, you will receive loving services and information designed to enhance your relationship with your animal as well as your relationship with your own life. Of course, facilitating communication between you arnd your animal is the primary focus of my services which are available through this web site, and through personal consulations, books, and e-workshops.

making the connection

Your pet can be your very best friend, communicating with you without judement. Your pet is a live reminder that we are spirit and have the abilities that we often lose touch with, and need to rediscover. By getting in touch with our animal friends (those we sometimes refer to as our "pets"), we are able to get in touch with ourselves, discovering who we are, and ... discovering more of what we can be.

Services for every need.

From helping your pet to helping you overcome the grief of someone you know overcome the loss of their pet, to helping you with the loss of your human loved ones or friends, be that through scheduling a phone consulation or simply through the advice and information found in my latest book, I am here to help you cope and overcome your problems during difficult times. Let me help you, as I have helped countless others.

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