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Your Animas Are Talking to You! Are You Listening? - $12.00
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"Do you know what your animal is saying to you? Can you honestly say that you know their wants and needs? In this charming and informative book, Reverend Renee Karen of The Pet Connection offers the you a beautiful introduction into the world of pet communication and how you can use that to understand your pet better and to understand your life better as well.

This publication is an fascinating story of how a minister of longstanding, whose ministry was primarily that of human healing and ceremony, was taken from that into the world of pet healing and pet communication by her own departed dog, Kookie.

In ARE YOU LISTENING, Reverend Renee tells of how she was transformed after her dog's death and amazed at the healing gifts that she was given after that as well. Her conclusion...Kookie has been guiding her ever since and now she heals all types of animals, consults with owners on pet medical and other behavior problems and has gained national attention for her work as a pet minister, intuitive and healer.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can also be a pet healer and a pet intuitive by just watching and observing all the ways that your pet is talking to you.... But the main question remains....are you listening?"

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Sedona, Az

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