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The People Connection™ refers to that part of Renee's life that is devoted to assisting people in better ways of self discovery, interaction and relationships. Having been a healer for over 30 years and a minister for a great deal of time, Reverend Renee has the professional skills in a number of areas to assist you in your human connection. Some of the many services that are offered under this category by Reverend Renee include:

Her talent also lies in predicting the outcome of ones search for the truth in her Psychic readings. She will tell you what you NEED to hear not what you WANT to hear. 
Rev. Renee can help you plan your unique wedding. Click here to learn more!As an ordained non-demominational minister, Reverend Renee offers over fifty different wedding cermonies which include religious, spirtitual and non-traditional ceremonies. However, her specialty lies in personalizing these to into one-of-a-kind, personalized ceremonies that embody your own needs, wishes and your vision of what your ceremony should be. Fourteen years experience creating unique wedding cermonies has enabled Rev. Renee to bring happiness to both the bridal couple and their extended families. Rev. Renee can help you plan. Click here to learn more!

Rev. Renee also performs Baby Baptism or dedication ceremonies in people's homes Your home becomes a sanctuary for a blessed event. 

House Blessings for your new home. Your home will have a deeper sense of peace when it is blest. 
As a mininster, it's not unusual to engage in intuitive mediation for couples, both single and married. In other words, Rev. Renee by using her intuition can show couples what is the root cause of their problems and suggest solutions . This can be done in one or two readings. 

To begin a discussion Rev. Renee Karen, you may either E-mail her, or if you like, you may choose to have either 30 or 60 minutes consultation with her. If so, see "Scheduling A Consult" for information to take the next step.

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