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People Connection By Phone

Phone Counseling has enabled Rev. Renee Karen to help many people all over the United States, on TV and also on nationwide radio broadcasts. She is best one on one, so calling her on the phone is an excellent way to get help for whatever your problem may be.

Here is a partial list of areas where she can help you:

  • grief counseling
  • physical and emotional healing
  • loss of someone close to you
  • intuitive mediation
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • baptism ceremonies
  • new house blessings ceremony
If you have any issues that need solutions, or questions that you need answers to, or if you would just like to get some guidance, either for a health problem,or loss of someone you love,or if you are interested in learning more about Rev. Renee's many different kinds of customized wedding ceremonies, please do not hesitate to set up an appointment for a consultation. It's easy to do (see below). Speaking to someone who truly cares about helping you will make you happy that you phoned.
  1. Go to the web menu and select "Scheduling a Consult" and then click on "Step 1: PayPal".

  2. Go to the web site menu and select "Scheduling a Consult" and then click on " Step 2: Scheduling A Time" for info on how to set an appointment date and time) for your appointment.

  3. Once payment is received, your appointment will be confirmed by E-mail with additional instructions on how to reach me for our meeting by phone.

  4. With this information, you will be able to phone me at the appointed time, and we will begin.

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