Bartlett - Established 1884 in New York City

Newpaper articles regarding her popular publication: "Your Animals Are Talking To You! Are You Listening" have lead to requests for her to speak out a number of topics. This has lead to a number of radio appearances, most significantly, the nationwide California based radio show with a nightly audience of over ten million listeners, George Noory's Coast To Coast. She continues to appear on these radio talk shows with numberous appearances on WKBW TV's PM Buffalo. from time. Pictured here is her appearence on the local WNY show, WNY Tonight.

Reverened Renee regularly gives seminars at various organizations in the Western New York. Recent topics have been Communicating With Your Pet, Dealing With The Loss of Your Pet, Solving Health Problems and Easting Problems With Your Pet, Your Pet's Emotional Life, Dealing with Your Pet's Destructive Behavior, and How Can Pets Get Along In A Two Pet - or More - Household.
While she often gives semiars by herself, she has also given seminars or spoken along with experienced local veterinarians from the Western New York area. She has also appeared at events at the internationally known spiritualist community, Lily Dale.

If you are interested in having Reverend Renee speak to your organizaiton or give a seminar to your local WNY group, you are invited to contact Reverened Renee by phone (716-284-8400), or by E-mail.

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