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After you have completed Step 1 (pre-paying for the consultation), you can E-mail Rev. Renee Karen for an appointment. Be sure mention whether the consultation will be for 30 or 60 minute. If you located in the USA, please indicate whether you calling from Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific time zones), because that will make a big difference in scheduling your phone consultaiton. Please list several different days and times during the coming week when you will be able to talk with Renee (just in case that time has already been reserved for someone else).

If you are calling for yourself or friend, and not your pet, be sure to include some details about why you are calling, and leave information about the time zone that the you or your friend will be, because, again, that will make a big difference in scheduling of the phone consultaiton. If your appointment is to discuss your pet, please include information about your pet so Renee can likewise understand the nature of your call.

If you like, you can try to reach the Minsitry by phone (726-284-8400) with this informaton. Once your payment has been approved by PayPal, and Joyous Celebrations Ministry has been advised of this, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment date and time and information about when you should call. When you receive this confirmation, please reply to let us know this time will work for you.

And that's all there is to setting a time for a phone consultation. You will be able to phone at the appointed time, and reach Rev. Renee Karen and begin your phone consultation with her.

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