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Weddings should be always be remembered as a Special Moment In Time.

A wedding ceremony should reflect the love and devotion that the bridal couple have for one another. The ceremony should be reflection of the couple themselves, and the lifestyle and vision they have as individuals.

As an ordained non-demominational minister, Reverend Renee offers over fifty different wedding cermonies which include religious, spirtitual and non-traditional ceremonies. Rev. Renee's specialty lies in personalizing these into a one-of-a-kind ceremony that embody the special needs, wishes and vision, and personality of the bride and groom.

She will help you find beautiful readings, include other customized expressions of devotion. Rev. Renee's best work is found in “The Rose" and "The Hands" ceremonies. Her expressive voice, and her heart felt words are always appropriate and make these ceremonies all the more memorable. She will help you find, special vows that can be included for any children in the couple's extended family. Ask her about the "Three Ring" ceremony which includes the "Little Girl" in your life.

In fact, Rev. Renee loves to meet you and your entire family, if possible. This helps her to create the appropriate ceremony. She is experienced in finding ways to include your family (if this is something you would like her to do) in a manner that is natural and comfortable and enjoyable for them. And if the wedding happens to be a second marrige, she always tires to include the children as part of the ceremony. In home ceremonies, pets can be included. They are part of your family, after all. Of course, your ceremony is yours to customize, as you wish.

Your own "one-of-a-kind" wedding is something that Rev. Renee can help you plan. Perhaps you will wish to take part in selecting your own beautiful readings, or help customize “The Rose" and "The Hands" ceremonies or find special vows that can be included for your children. Having been an an ordained non-denominational minister for over 14 years, she has learned from experience how to create a ceremony that your family and guests will always remember as their own special moment in time.

All wedding ceremonies include:
  1. Private Consultation
  2. Dinner Blessing at the Reception (if requested).
  3. Customized Wedding Ceremony
  4. Printed Copy of Wedding Ceremony

To set up an appointment for Rev. Renee Karen, please contact her via E-mail, or you may engage her in phone consultation by clicking on Schedule A Consult in our menu above.

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